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I've been really bad about updating mostly because I don't have many good pictures of my new costumes. I'm trying to round some up though, so hopefully I'll be able to get them up soon.

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sagittarius_1 says, "Kaoru! I love your bow!"
For Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin
windofthestars says, "Yea more Eclair! This outfit is going to be the next one I tackled just because it's so cute. You did a lovely job on it. I love it! I'm sad that I missed it at Fanime this year. ;__;"
For Eclair from Kiddy Grade
MomoAiomuzu says, "thank you very much ^-^"
For Eclair from Kiddy Grade
RightWingEpyon says, "Okay, it took a while for my friend to find the info. We used Butterick 5542 for the top - mainly for the neckline and modified it quite a bit. We made test shorts first to figure out how to do the flesh colored parts with the "X" pattern an"
For Eclair from Kiddy Grade
MomoAiomuzu says, "did you use a pattern to make this costume ( if so what one did you use ) or did you make your own?"
For Eclair from Kiddy Grade