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Hello there, My name is Artemis, but all my friends call me Art or Yami Chibi Chibi. I like a ot of Anime show, none my friends have hear of. In my group of non-cosplay friends that I see everyday. I'm the only cosplay. But hey that got my a great spot in own theater. I'm head-costume design. I make costume and watch of them and stuff. Notin bad even happans to the costumes but the wigs are only story. Something it feels like all I'm ever do in the theather is clean or fix or clean up wigs. But it all cool. Next to being a theather-chick. I'm also in the choir, First Spon. What can I says I'm an Art Student.

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StrawberryKitty says, "Beautiful! 8D "
For Celebi / Serebii from Pokemon
Pi says, "omg you look so gorgeous"
For Misty / Kasumi from Pokemon
White Rose Assassin says, "Wow...so elegant. I love the design and fabric choice."
For Celebi / Serebii from Pokemon
CosplayMage says, "Cool design. The skirt looks lovely. n.n"
For Lucario / Rukario from Pokemon
CosplayMage says, "Pretty! I like the veil! ^_^"
For Melody / Furuura from Pokemon