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Hello people!
I'm a danish/finnish girl and live in Denmark at the surten time!
Normally I live in a little village not so far from Copenhagen, but right now I live in some kind of boarding school, but not really... It's called "Hoejskole" but thats a danish word, so I dont know if you know it! >__<
I love to sing, and hope to be a singer/songwriter later in my life... Or just something with music would be very nice.
In my sparetime I like to act, collect things, dance, write, read, making costumes, cosplaying, watching movies/series, being with friends, draw, sing, playing piano, learning new things, and then I also like anime/cartoons...
Normally I just like to wear all sort of costumes, and then act with it, but mainly I like to pretend that I'm some kind of cartoonish figure... They are always so colourfull and with a lot of details... My goal is to be one of the finalists in WCS... That would be so awsome O___O

Anyway, my fav. animes is the old Shoujo series... Like Sailor Moon, Candy Candy, Wedding Peach, Heidi, Glass Mask ect, but also a lot of other genres!
CLAMP is someone I really look up to! They have the most beautifull drawings ever!

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