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I'm a 17-year-old living in Southern California. I've been cosplaying since 2004, and don't intend to stop anytime soon. My hobbies outside of cosplay include reading, writing, horseback riding, playing guitar, singing, kayaking, and journalism (writing and page design).

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White Rose Assassin says, "Good times cosplaying at the ALA picnic. My one time to wear neko mimi when it's in character. ^^"
For Makoto Kohsaka from Genshiken
Neo Serenity says, "This is seriously one of my fav. pictures of you guys!"
For Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
DivineSage says, "Our Kisa worked as an editor at Tokyopop for a while, and she submitted our photos. They were printed in one of the manga volumes- 17, I think."
For Hiro Sohma from Fruits Basket
Snugglez says, "O-OH MY GOSH! Aren't you the guys who actually worked on Fruits Basket?! I remember seeing this in one of the volumes!!"
For Hiro Sohma from Fruits Basket
tandy21 says, "aww how pretty i've never seen anyone cosplay the sailor scouts princess forms before other then chibi usa and usagi"
For Princess Jupiter from Sailor Moon