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Sylphy says, "This looks beautifully made!"
For Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Renlit says, "I know this isn't actually for sale..but could it be? I'm desperately looking for an Inara costume to wear to Comicon. I've found another one, but this one is her most recognizable and it's super well done. If not, oh well. Your costume looks GREAT."
For Inara Sera from Firefly
Dandelionswish says, "omg incredible costume and photos! "
For Amira Halgal from A Bride's Story
spookloops says, "I really, really, really love this shot."
For Amira Halgal from A Bride's Story
Kichara says, "This is seriously one of my favorite cosplay photos EVER~"
For Seaking from Pokemon