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I love cosplay^^ I hope that you love my costumes^^ If you want see more costume please visiti my site web www.nadiask.com. Thank you very much!

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mull j howard says, "I seen this a few year ago and always thought she looked great in this! "
For Sayaka Yumi from Mazinger Z
HSC-Abby says, "This is beautiful! Cloth Road needs more love. I hope you post more pictures."
For June May from Cloth Road
TwiliteSea says, "Oh WOW, that looks absolutely AMAZING! Fantastic idea for the mask!"
For Mia from .hack//INFECTION
yuna-kallen-rinoa says, "Beautifully done Kurai, simply beautiful"
For Kurai from Angel Sanctuary
GinoPuppy says, "I love Sayaka Yumi, she is my favorite anime female. You've done a great job on the costume!"
For Sayaka Yumi from Mazinger Z