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Hello !

I am a a french cosplayer and I am very curious about cosplay in foreign countries. I like to compare technics, to learn and to improve myself; Don't hesitate to drop a hello, I don't bite :)

I consider cosplay as a nice and creative hobby. I only cosplay with my friends, mostly Elaise, Ariah Kirae Luce July and all the others i can't name here.

If you want to see more of my costumes, you can visit my website :)

A Bientôt ! ^^

and thank you thank you thank you for the sweet and adorable Elaïse for upgrading my account as a birthday gift ! You're so lovely

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fairydust says, "You two are so perfect together in this photo <3"
For Eternal Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Ali says, "Have I mentioned how much I love your Granado Espada costumes? Because I do. This one suits you beautifully and I love that sheer front of the skirt you did. It's all simply fabulous."
For Warlock from Granado Espada
Mangaka9 says, "Wow, this is one of the best Kikyo costumes I've ever seen! Did you buy it or make it? If made it, did you use a pattern?"
For Kikyo from Inuyasha
ishie-chan says, "even though you lost some elements of the costume i can still see kikyo! XD amazing job!"
For Kikyo from Inuyasha
Emi says, "SUIKODEN V <3"
For Josephine from Suikoden V