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Been cosplaying fairly regularly since I started High School...and I just graduated with my Master's Degree. Boy do I feel old! D:

Cosplaying is a part of my life I've found that I don't ever want to part with - it's so much fun and I've met so many wonderful people and had so many memorable experiences!

A big big thank you/hug/lap dance to Lionel for upgrading me and others to Celestial status! You are the best ^^

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mrs_goodfellow says, "This is fantastic! I want to do a Puck cosplay as well, soooooo badly. He's my favourite character from Gargoyles (I mean, isn't he everyones?) "
For Puck from Gargoyles
IchigoKitty says, "You're SO cute as tink <3 <3"
For Tinker Bell from Disney Fairies
Sylphy says, "It's so nice to see a Soujiro cosplay! Good luck with the contest! :D"
For Soujiro Seta from Rurouni Kenshin
chronicwhimsy says, "This is a great shot! Where did you get the jodhpurs? If you made them yourself, what pattern did you use?"
For Duo Maxwell from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
chronicwhimsy says, "This is an amazing costume. Where did you get the pattern for the pants? Is that your real hair?"
For Duo Maxwell from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing