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Cosplaying is a silly hobby. Don't take it too seriously.

If you see a purposely bad cosplay, I likely have a hand in it. If you see a weird but funny skit, then there's a good chance I'm in it. I'm not the best at making costumes, but when it comes to skits and parody I definitely know what I'm doing.

I've been cosplaying since 1998, and I stopped for three years because of something that happened then. It's given me a rather unique view of cosplay. I don't take it seriously. Oh, I make costumes as well as I can, but I make ghetto or joke costumes a lot too.

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AdrienneO says, "Sooo cute I love it, especially with the leaf!!!!!"
For Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro
snowpet says, "I am not really good at making costumes. Where could I buy one like it at?"
For Menchi from Excel Saga
Anne Packrat says, "Well I made mine. You could do the same."
For Menchi from Excel Saga
snowpet says, "How do I get a costume like it?"
For Menchi from Excel Saga
PeachyPie101 says, "HOLY SH*T!!!"
For Goron from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time