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I have been cosplaying since 99 I have been watching anime since 97-98 Sailor moon was what started it all. My friends all call me Wings or Yunie chan, I prefer Wings, yes there is a reason that they call me Wings. I love cosplay and have over 70 costumes under my belt, tho most of them were sold on ebay as commisions. Sadly I do not take commisions any more unless I personally know you, sorry I can't handle it plus it make it no fun for me to cosplay any more. I have done sailor fukus including one super sailor moon sera myu style, which BTW are very simple thank you butterick for the awesome skate pattern(the sera myu was not as easy as the regular scout), Yuna summoner, wedding, songstress, and Gunner, Chi as well as many others. CCSakura, TRC Sakura, are some of the series I have done costumes from. Anyways this is getting to be a bit long so I will end it now. So hey I am Wings. I am also on www.cosplaylab.com as cosplayer Bunny.
"I can fly with my words"

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