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I have been cosplaying since my return from Japan in 2005. I attend Geek.Kon, Kistune Kon, Archon, and CONvergence annually. I can also be found at Otakon, Anime Central and Costume Con, when funding and time constraints allow for it. I often take on projects that are way above my skill level. I'm constantly learning, and I need MOAR PICS of my costumes, haha!

I am a member of MACS (Madison Area Costuming Society), a chapter of the ICG.

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RinoaRaine says, "Oh my...This is BEAUTIFUL!"
For Princess Ovelia Atkascha from Final Fantasy Tactics:The War of the Lions
Kuroi Yue says, "I love the fabric you used for the dress, it's so gorgeous!"
For Aura from .hack//INFECTION
jetspectacular says, "omg beautiful work!!"
For Momohime from Muramasa: The Demon Blade
NatsumeShinXxX says, "I can only imagine the ungodly amount of fabric that went into this! Its really nice to see somebody do this though, I love Air and this has always been a costume I'd love to do but won't have time for :)"
For Kannabi no Mikoto from Air
Indie says, "So lovely! I love how you did the infinity symbol on your dress. And the sparkly fabric was a nice touch."
For Aura from .hack//INFECTION