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Hi! Thanks for dropping in. I just graduated from college, with a degree in Fine Arts with an animation background and now I've come back to California! So hopefully I'll be able to attend more conventions in the future. I love Cosplay, Waterskiing, drawing, reading really long historical fiction novels (Outlander!!), and life-sucking RPGS! Oh- and my favorite color is dark green.

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La_Soleil_Radieux says, "If it's possible...can you make a tutorial of how you made the staff? I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out how to build it! I highly appreciate it! :)"
For Belldandy from Ah My Goddess
lunaladyoflight says, "This is awesome :)"
For Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth
TastyEclair says, "ACK I LOVE that you put Horn's picture on the back of the cape too!!! JUST LIKE MANGA *HUGS*"
For Flute from Violinist of Hameln
TastyEclair says, "i totally love the demon horns you have going on!! Add some wings too!!"
For Hamel from Violinist of Hameln
Tohma says, "Wow, that is really pretty"
For Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean