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Hello! My name is Kellie. I'm 22 years old and I began cosplaying back in 2002. My first cosplay was completely store bought and worn to Otakon 2002. I didn't have a sewing machine and, unfortunately, didn't know anyone with a sewing machine, but wanted to cosplay more than anything with my friends. I ended up buying a black robe with some oriental flowers on it, red fabric and gold roping and made a make-shift kimono. I also bought an orange shirt and some goggles and made a make-shift Ken Hidaka costume. They were horrible costumes, but I did what I could without a sewing machine or hot glue gun and had a blast doing so. It was after that that I wanted to cosplay after every single con I went to.

I enjoy cosplaying no matter how much drama it seems to cause between people and no matter how much I want to throw my sewing machine out the window when I get frustrated with something. My Mom helped me a lot after the Otakon 2002 costumes and after my grandparents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I've been learning a lot from my Mom and from my friends who cosplay and finally sat down and made all my own costumes for this past Otakon 2005.

I'm still learning tricks and trades with sewing and I'm always open to constructive criticism and suggestions on what I can do to better my skills and costumes. I'm working to better myself because I know with practice I will get better.

And some random tidbits: I'm an actress, but not a big-time one, sadly. It's another hobby of mine and I mostly perform in plays directed by the husband of my church's youth minister. I also perform in summer plays at Cheseapeake High School, as I'm also friends with the director there as well. I also sing in choirs, am a youth advisor with our youth group and enjoy traveling all over the place.

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