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I am a Senpai of the cosplay group Ichidan. We come from Boise, Idaho and have performed theatre style cosplays at several conventions in the western US. My character performances have been Kaoru from Ruroni Kenshin in Kingdom Hearts: Another Side; Winry Rockbell in Full Metal Alchemist: The Black Gate; and Skuld from Ah! Goddess in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War.
All of these videos, plus more information on the group can be found at www.ichidan.com.
I enjoy making costumes and sewing, and hope to design costumes for movies and theatre in the future.

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belldandyamz says, "cute skuld"
For Skuld from Ah My Goddess
Miri says, "Aww, this costume is really cute, nice job! ^^"
For Skuld from Ah My Goddess
Stardust says, "You are so sweet! XD"
For Skuld from Ah My Goddess
pockyprincessdarcy says, "super cute! You look just like skuld! ^_^"
For Skuld from Ah My Goddess
Fri_chan says, "You made a great Lulu! ^^, I like the hair because its like black, so cool"
For Lulu from Final Fantasy X