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HI there! My name is Requiem Belle, but my friends call me Req. No joke, they do. I love to cosplay but I can't use a sewing machine, so most of my costumes are no sew or found item. it makes me sad, it really does. But! I am determined, and I am going to organize a big cosplay event in my home town! I hope...

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Sora_no_Kokoro says, "You really look great as L ^^"
For L / Ryuuzaki from Death Note
MayMay_1 says, "I absolutely love the butterfly jacket! [:"
For Arisa Uotani from Fruits Basket
Cagalli94 says, "i LUV ur Arisa Uotani! Sooooooo good!! YAY! THE COSTUME IS SOOOOO HOT!!! LUV IT!!!"
For Arisa Uotani from Fruits Basket
maridah says, "Fujiko! I know yor pain of no one knowing who you are. I was also at AX 05 dressed as her, and seldom did I find a person who knew what I was dressed as. T_T Cute cosplay! I wish I had seen it! I'm in love with the pink dress."
For Fujiko Mine from Lupin III