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Hello! This is Ochiba again, with a more pleasant and much shorter update!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ochiba-san and I'm the head blogger for Detail to Perfect: a Texas Cosplay Community and I have the pleasure of telling you that we were recently invited to do a panel at Onicon 08. We're very excited, so any ideas are much appreciated.

It's been far too daunting trying to keep up with the to-do lists for the entire group and what has been retired and what hasn't, so I'm taking down the "in Progress" list and figure that if you want to see us, we'll get messaged.

Besides that, I've got nothing but the announcement that our A-kon competition piece is SUPER SECRET! So you won't see any pictures of it until it's released. :D

That's all for now!

PS - Please visit my good friend Liam Marcus here. I'm sure they'll give you more delicious WeiƟ cosplay. :D What a sweetheart.

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angelzxdemonz says, "lovely wig! i hope i'll see you at animeFEST this year :D (i will be Jibrille(blue dress) from angel sanctuary!)"
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Kisarasara says, "XD sorry to post again, but you're just so cute!! you and your sis look fantastic together"
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