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Hi! My name is Pan and I've been cosplaying for a long time.

If you're interested, more information on my costumes can be found on my cosplay website: http://www.lelola.net/cosplay

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Ammie says, "I'm soooo happy I got to see this costume in person twice now *_* you did such an AMAZING job on it!!!!!! Your skills are beyond incredible!!!!!!"
For Robin from DC Comics
mac.kenzie12 says, "how did you make this?! its great"
For Princess Elizabeth/The Paper Bag Princess from Paper Bag Princess, The
Shii Arisugawa says, "Aww, you all look so cute! ^^ I love your design, and it looks so clean and well constructed!"
For Communications Officer from Star Trek
amam89 says, "Perfect Katara!"
For Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tseng says, "Hey, I really like your costume, good job!"
For Kadsuki from Getbackers