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I love my life. Hero award of the MELLENIA goes to Jason of i360.com for the upgrade! Most of my costumes are not made by me.

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JadeKat says, "The paint and texture on the armor are fantastic!"
For Pink Rathian from Monster Hunter
Athel says, "Wow! Gorgeous construction. ^^"
For Pink Rathian from Monster Hunter
lindseyleigh8282 says, "Where did you get the wig?"
For Saber from Fate/Zero
Kichara says, "OMG this is perfect~ <3"
For Medea (Caster) from Carnival Phantasm
+Itsuka says, "You are such a cute Nah *u* I still want to take 2nd gen kid pictures with you!!"
For Nah from Fire Emblem: Awakening