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Some of the Silent Hill fans might also know me as "EileenGalvin", I am a huge fan of Cosplay, Final Fantasy and Silent Hill, that is why most of my Cosplay is Silent Hill or Final Fantasy related.
Actually I have a lot more Silent Hill Cosplay done than any others lol
I started cosplaying in 2000 and since then I made a few costumes. As mentioned before, most of them are from the Silent Hill series because I love Silent Hill so much. I haven't done many costumes so far because I actually hate sewing. Seriously. I prefer crafting which comes in handy for some Silent Hill Cosplay, such as the head of the Bubble Head Nurse costume or the parasite of the Puppet Doctor costume I made for a friend.

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Creativeguy says, "Looking forward to seeing the updated version of this, but this looks great too!"
For Puppet Nurse from Silent Hill
Creativeguy says, "Rowr!"
For Maria from Silent Hill 2
Creativeguy says, "You look outstanding in this!"
For Lulu from Final Fantasy X
HOBOxHUNTER says, "WOW!!! your skirt is perfect! great job!!"
For Lulu from Final Fantasy X
tandy21 says, "wow you got it perfect even down to the growth"
For Puppet Nurse from Silent Hill