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*waves* I probably should keep this in english, ね? Heh heh. Well, I'm kind of new to the whole cosplay thing, but I have some friends that will be helping me so well, I don't suck. I do have pix of me cosplaying though. I just have only made one outfit & it didn't require a lot of sewing, please don't judge too harshly. *bows*

I'm a very large anime/manga fan. I guess you could call me hardcore. I was in Japan for a month in 2003 & I can speak & read some. I tend to buy most of my manga in Japanese whether or not I can read it. I've seen over 200 different anime. The list is still growing though it's getting harder for me to keep track of it.

Currently I'm better at singing & drawing. At most of the cons I go to you can find me in artist alley. Hopefully wearing something cool. *smiles* Please feel free to contact me.

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