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I've been cosplaying since 1999 and always trying to improve/expand. Usually I attend West Coast cons such as Anime Expo however I'm hopeing to expand (eventually to Comiket). I'm a huge gamer, some of my favorites are Dark Wizard (Sega CD) Valkrie Profile (PSX) and The Resident Evil Series.

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Yashuntafun says, "Beautiful work on this!"
For Lucia from Suikoden III
hildechan says, "rude"
For Miyako from Kannazuki no Miko
_Belle says, "Hey. Sorry to be annoying, but is there anywhere this cosplay is purchasable? I can't find it anywhere and I desperately want to do it. >_<' Thanks in advance, I guess? n_n'"
For Miyako from Kannazuki no Miko
DarkWolfLotusBlossom says, "Please tell me how you made this masterpiece! I want to make the same costume except I want it to be for Mary from .hack//Quantum. You really do BlackRose justice."
For Black Rose from .hack//INFECTION
Lady Rain14 says, "Very nice! You hardly get to see lay's of color....Im so happy!!! I knew i wasn't the only 1 tho Of course! Beautiful costume and wig!"
For Miyako from Kannazuki no Miko