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Hello! I'm a seamstress and fashion designer originally from Chicago. Feb 2004 I moved out to California to be closer to the Los Angeles Fashion District and to annoy Daitenshi. I love the gothic lolita style so be expecting alot of it from now on ^.~
Racoons are evil. Bagels are your friend. I dance a jig. *jigjigjig*

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Michiyo12 says, "nice!!!!!!!!!!!^^"
For Freya from Chobits
Maxsteel says, "Wow, cute and sexy...great combo."
For Parfait from Knights of Ramune & 40
Maxsteel says, "you have a great set of legs..."
For Hiroko-chan from Otakon Mascot
Maxsteel says, "Oh wow!!! The lucky one is the camera guy. "
For Valentine's Heart from Original: Gothic Lolita / EGL / EGA
Maxsteel says, "Holy Cow...talk about sexy!"
For White Lolita from Original: Gothic Lolita / EGL / EGA