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Hi! Call me TK :) formerly torakiji, but I've been changed over for a while :D
I've been cosplaying since 2004 and it's always still be loads of fun running around with my friends and reliving the fandoms 8D

I have a penchant for playing the stoic bishonen in our group, but recently been having fun doing nostalgic cartoon series/movies :)

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anna-neko says, "all the likes!!"
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VerrinEleni says, "Sho sha wa Atobe! ^_~ (Congrats on being the best PoT cosplayer I've seen so far!)"
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iluvenvy24 says, "love it!"
For L / Ryuuzaki from Death Note
sakushippu9 says, "awesome love L ryzaki and light!"
For L / Ryuuzaki from Death Note