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Hello! I started cosplaying in 2000 and have been in and out of the "scene" throughout the years. What a wonderful yet demanding hobby!

I love all the aspects of cosplaying, sewing, makeup. . .there's so much to it! That and it's all about having fun!

There is always something new to learn with every project and the trial and error process is always a fun game, right?

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etaru says, "This turned out so well! I hope you get more photos soon <3"
For Chun Li from Street Fighter Alpha
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maryssa says, "O hay thar sexy lady :3"
For Classic Lolita from Original: Gothic Lolita / EGL / EGA
Lady Ava says, "Very smexy lady. <3"
For Urd from Ah My Goddess
etaru says, "Love you in this :3 "
For Busujima Saeko from Highschool of the Dead