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Just a silly art student that enjoys cosplaying. Mostly I do video game cosplay, but I enjoy other types as well.

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Rexluna says, "Holy crap. Awesome location!!! And awesome cosplay!"
For Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4
Lady Ava says, "The fact that she survived the zombie onslaught in heels and a dress makes so much more amazing! XD Great job!"
For Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4
La Chica Kazama Uchiha says, "I love your Tifa Lockhart´s version ^_^"
For Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII
Kinkami says, "I like the "caution" sign below you guys. ^_^"
For Geomancer from Final Fantasy Tactics
Kinkami says, "BWAH! I love your Rydia. I've run across so many pictures of it on the A-kon galleries...I wish the same could be said about my costume. *sniff* Teehee! I remember when your costume was a baby! ^_^ so cute!"
For Rydia from Final Fantasy IV