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Hello! I've been cosplaying since early 2004. I've been interested in cosplay since 2003. It's fun to go to conventions with friends. I personally like cosplaying the same series with friends. It's great going to conventions and having other cosplayers cosplay with you!

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shadowkitten91 says, "wow! you nailed her right down to the t! =D great! i love it!"
For Kagura from Inuyasha
yashakid says, "I really like your costume and i have been thinking about doing kagura. do you have any tips on making the costume, like how did you get the pattern on the blue sleves?"
For Kagura from Inuyasha
kari_chan says, "I really like your costume. Did you buy it or make it? I was thinking about being Kagura for AX 07 but it's hard to find"
For Kagura from Inuyasha