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Hello! ^_^ I started cosplaying not that long ago and I just recently won my first award!! ^_^ My friends have been calling me Usagi-chan for a long time because of my love of sailor moon and also as my good friend says, "it suits you"! ^_^
I like to go by the cosplay name Usagi Seion which actually translated means Bunny Serenity/Serene in japanese!! ^_^ This name I believe describes me well because I am silly as well as serene! ^_^

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nekoblondie says, "WOW! So awesome. How did you make it? Was it hard? I've kinda been thinking about cosplaying her for a while."
For Neo Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon R
DravenNightshade says, "The costume is lovely nice cosplay ^^"
For Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon