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I'm an argentinian cosplayer who started in 1999 in this magic world of costumes.
I'm an student of Bitechnology, very fan of dance an martial arts.

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nekoblondie says, "You make a cute Eternal Jupiter."
For Eternal Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
PockyPrincess says, "I actually just started watching this series. Great job on the costume!"
For Angelique from Angelique
fairydust says, "Very cool costume! I've always loved the design, and you did a great job with it!"
For Adora from Magna Carta: Phantom of Avalanche
fairydust says, "These are such cute sexy photos! Why aren't there more comments??"
For Nana Oosaki from NANA
Waka says, "Amazing cosplay o_o "
For Alexiel from Angel Sanctuary