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Hello. :) Yay so I finally made costumes and took pictures of them that I liked. Let's see all the details. I've been into anime for a very long time. (since Sailor Moon was on TV way back when...I didn't even know it was anime at that time). But cosplaying is kind of new to me, been doing it since 2003. ^^ Doing more photoshoots now, so I have more good pics to put up, which means more cosplay on my profile. Yay xD

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envirion says, "<333"
For Celestine from Magna Carta II
Adora says, "SOOYOUNG MY BB <3."
For Sooyoung from Girls' Generation
Shii Arisugawa says, "My SooYoung, hehe~ <3"
For Sooyoung from Girls' Generation
imariyumiki says, "It is so hard to find people that cosplays this series~ Awesome+Awesome <3"
For Kishimoto Ayase from Chaos;Head
evanae says, "Sexy Viletta~ :3"
For Villetta Nu from Code Geass R2