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My name is Heidi, and I'm a Graphic Designer with an addiction to cosplay! Bet you would have never guessed, huh? I also love modeling, painting, drawing, and dancing. Yeah...I'm all artsy-fartsy like that. ^_^

For more info about me and my complete costuming gallery, check out my website, www.CosplayKitten.com!

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maridah says, "You do the world a service by making this costume XD Ment to be! And the awesome fabric find just proves it LOL"
For Rider from Fate/Stay Night
Kichara says, "I just love your fabric choice! Perfect for Rider! : )"
For Rider from Fate/Stay Night
ToasterSix says, "Heidi you are the prettiest! <3"
For Rider from Fate/Stay Night
Dokudel says, "Amazing!"
For Shiva Nix from Final Fantasy XIII
anna-neko says, "my my, how risque (great shot!!)"
For Blair from Soul Eater