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Konnichiwa mina san! ^.^
Hajimemashite! Itariajin cosupureya desu!
Watashi wa 28 sai desu to watashi wa totemo cosupure daisukiii!!! Cosupure omoshiroi desu!!! ^___^
To nihon no cosupure ibento ga totemo daisuki!!!^^

Hi there!
Nice to meat you! I'm an Italian cosplayer and I like very much cosplay wich is one of my top passions^^
I've started cosplay with Sailor Jupiter in early 2002.
I think there's no age for cosplay and fun with friends amd I like very much japanese cosplay events! ^_^

I'm so proud to be part of ACP! ^_^

Mata-ne chu chu**

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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "I'm japanese. I daisuki cos-event too!"
For Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon R