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Hello! ^_^ I've been cosplaying since June 2002 and I've been working in the accounting industry since college for the last three years. Right now I'm working on a couple various cosplays that should hopefully come together pretty soon.

I'm also a member of the Texas Metroplex Cosplay Coalition, a group open to all cosplayers 16 and older living in the DFW Texas area.

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Countess Lenore says, "Adorable, I love it!"
For Cuckoo from Legend of Zelda
Amidoji says, "That is really cute! I hope the photos turn out well."
For Cuckoo from Legend of Zelda
Yukishiro says, "Hehe, thanks! =D As I'm working my way through making a small army for photo props I very well may end up selling some at a later time XD"
For Cuckoo from Legend of Zelda
Fire Lily says, "So cute!! I would totally buy one if you made more :)"
For Cuckoo from Legend of Zelda
Terranell says, "This is such a cute take on Rainbow dash, the skirt and scarf combo is really what makes it for me!"
For Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic