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I'm just your neighborhood run-of-the-mill otaku, I suppose. ^^ I love RPGs, anime, manga, and going to cons. I also like to cook and paint on my walls- it's fun! ^^ I'm an amateur voice actress, too- it's my dream to be a full-fleged VA eventually.

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Kaseii says, "This is adorable!! And very nicely done for your first costume. ^-^ You can pull of Ichigo really well!"
For Ichigo Momomiya / Mew Strawberry from Tokyo Mew Mew
Ichigo_Kurosaki says, "wrong guns :("
For Jo from Burst Angel
XFillTheVoidX says, "Awww! You're an adorable Tohru! ^^ Love the costume!"
For Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket