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Hi~~ I am Holly, otherwise known as Hiiragi which I use as my cosplay alias :D Um, I really only cross-play, which isn't so bad. I don't like the dress of most girls characters, but I love the designs of the males and their personalities~~

I am 22 and I have been cosplaying for about eight years now (omg that is a long time O. o). I enjoy listening to jrock and going out to concerts and well above all else.. having fun! So far, a-kon has been the only convention I've gone to. I hope to change that sometime soon.I like to draw, write, and design outfits...

I do not compete in any way/shape/form. I've only ever entered a cosplay contest once and well, honestly it's not a big deal for me. I cosplay for the fun of it. I enjoy portraying a character that I like, that's all. It is something special for my mother and I to spend time together on. Though I've become used to doing the work myself, none of my costumes would be nearly as special to me if she didn't add a piece to it. Anyways, sappiness aside, I hope you enjoy the costumes~~

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Tramontiacosplay says, "Wow, that's some awsome detailing on you sitar! You look great as Demyx!"
For Demyx from Kingdom Hearts 2
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