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Nihao. My name is Anne Marie, but many people know me as Red Pikachu. My first convention was Anime Central 2002, where I appeared as a Pika-ho with Pimp Ash. Pimp Ash and his poke hos are probably my most well known work. Since then, I have been attending conventions as much as my budget, my schooling, and my job allows. You will see me at most cons in Chicago, and at Anime Expo.

Just recently, I have been trying to break away from Pimp Ash fame, and I am currently working on a wider variety of costumes.

Someday, I hope I can establish a well know website with my work, and I dream that I can a featured cosplayer in Newtype or Animerica.

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thnksXfrOthXmmrs says, "Kawaii!!! I love it! If you ever decide to sell it, send me a letter ;-)"
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