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Hello! My name is Anne Marie. Cosplay is a large part of my life. I'm I'm not working or in class, I'm probably working on a costume!

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Miri says, "Horay for Chuni-Li and Street Fighter. Nice job! :D"
For Chun Li from Street Fighter II
kabuki_ikenie says, "it's just TOO awesome for words... *workships*"
For Nami from One Piece
etaru says, "You look just like Yuko-san! I especially like the detail of the flower! +^_~+"
For Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHoLic
etaru says, "Wow, there's so much detail in it, which is awesome 'cause there's hardly any Magna Carta cosplayers out there. ^^; Very nice!"
For Roxy / Lothy Midka from Magna Carta: Tears of Blood / Crimson Stigmata