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I've been a casual cosplayer since 1999, but now I have had the chance to go to some great conventions, I have been swept up in an urge to do as many costumes as possible :3 At first I was a huge Weekly Jump fan. Now I'm just a Gundam nut. MUCH LOVE AND ILU ITU GINNY FOR CELESTIAL BEING STATUS!

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Artoria Grey says, "I'm so here for this *A*"
For Zhuge Liang from Fate/Grand Order
pockyjin says, "OMG I love this so much I can't even <3"
For Saniwa from Touken Ranbu
pockyjin says, "OMG you cut outs of the troops too XD"
For Saniwa from Touken Ranbu
ceres says, "This is... resplendent."
For Yusuke Kitagawa from Persona 5
akaihime says, "EEEEEEEEE"
For Fuuma Kotarou from Fate/Grand Order