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I'm relatively new to the convention cosplay scene, but I have been making cosplay costumes since 2002. My favorite characters to cosplay are Mizuno Ami from Sailor Moon and Utena from, well, Utena. ^_^ I have made around 10 yukata/kimono, that being my specialty. Aside from cosplay, I am the webmistress of a large Otaku Senshi fanfiction site at www.toweroftime.com.

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Sailor Rozen says, "wow I haven't seen a cosplay of this one yet. Very well done."
For Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon
Lady Raya says, "... i love this how much to get one?"
For Princess Kakyuu / Fireball from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
violet.anime says, "Lovely!"
For Chi / Chii / Elda from Chobits