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My name is Lynleigh and I have been cosplaying since 1999. If you can believe it, the costumes listed here are only a peek of what I have accomplished over the past decade. It's crazy....

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Mirai Noah says, "Fantastic Misa! Love it!"
For Misa Hayase from Macross
pockyprincessdarcy says, "So much love for this costume!! You styled her hair sooo perfectly! Plus the suit looks great too! Best Misa I've ever seen! ^__^"
For Misa Hayase from Macross
daydreamernessa says, "your maetel is extremely nice, the shape/silhouette, the fur you used everything is perfect."
For Maetel from Galaxy Express 999
Fire Lily says, "Angella!!! So much love for this costume <3"
For Queen Angella from She-Ra Princess of Power
Fire Lily says, "Best use of doilies EVER. You look amazing :)"
For Lucy Westenra from Dracula