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Hello! Jubei-chan here! Just like to say that I love to cosplay. Its quickly becomming a mainstay in my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Starting in 2002 when I put together my first anime costume, till now when I'm planning several costumes for the con season, I think its easy to say I'm addicted. I'm an otaku! I cosplay for the love of the character first and foremost! Though I will do costumes for specific groups if asked, and I'm available. I'm really easy to get along with, though high strung at time, so feel free to IM me to chat about anime or costumes. Thanks! Have fun!

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NyuNyu says, "Your ruffles are so perfect!"
For Eternal Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
sagittarius_1 says, "AAAH you guys all look so great!!!! I love it~!"
For Eternal Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
sagittarius_1 says, "STOP STEALING MY NAME FER! ITS DISCONCERTING EVERYTIME I SEE YOU LABELED AS MY SECRET WHITE PERSON NAME!!! <3 Anyway you guys look fabulous!!! I love this idea! but ....ONE OF THEM DOES NOT BELONG. jk jk! Still jealous didn't get to go with you guys!"
For Arlene Fowler from True Blood
anna-neko says, "O_O *_* ♥_♥ thats it, internet is done... there is no more cute to outdo this!"
For EVE from Wall-E
Rosebud says, "ilu guys xD *heartheartheart*"
For Silver Spoon from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic