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Hullo! I am Selphie! Oh yes. My real name is Denise, but I'm called Selphie or Nini more than my real name. Very odd. Even my father calls me Selphie sometimes. Yeap. Uhm. I come from Novato in California. Oh...yes. I like shiny things. Uhm. I have nothing interesting to say. Oh well. I grew up with a nintedo controller in my hand, I swear. xD Nah, my dad is a huge gamer so he had tons of nintendo games when I was younger so I grew up playing RPG's and Mario games. I used to totally love watching my parents play RPG's like Lufia 1, Final Fantasy 3/6 and, Breath of Fire 2. When I was 8 I beat my first RPG (Lufia1) and began to play Chrono Trigger. I adored FF8 when it came out and Selphie pwned me lots. My friend actually got FF8 before me and called me telling me there was a character in the game that was my twin, Selphie. She supposedly looked and acted like me. I made a really crappy version of her costume for Halloween one year, I must have been 14 or so. I eventually got into cosplay and I

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