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Hi I'm Allia. I have been into cosplaying since the year 2001 when I went to my first convention (Anime North). I cosplayed Sailor Moon. Yeah I know what your thinking but it was my first Anime. Since then I have cosplayed Cammy White, Merle, and Ryoko. I hope to cosplay girl-type Ranma, Seras Victoria, and crossplay InuYasha. Aside from Cosplaying I love to draw. My favorite style is anime of course. I have been to five conventions so far *and have loved them all!*. I have been to AN01, AN02, Anime Boston 03, Otakon 03, and AN04. I was hoping to go to Otakon again but I'll be too busy. I will get back there someday, because that was a great con. ^_^ Please feel free to ask me how I made any part of my costume. I'm always happy to help fellow cosplayers especially those new to the addiction.lol.

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