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I am a passionate petite girl who loves cosplay for the sake of playing dress up. My life revolves around fashion, fencing, swimming, anime, manga, saving cats, and being a seamstress. I am a mistress to the fabric stores.

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Gmpitts16 says, "Beautiful picture, I love the little 'you are beautiful'"
For Veris SkyCastle from Original: Fantasy
Gmpitts16 says, "The underwater pics are too cool! Awesome job!"
For Mermaid Lazalyn from Original: Fantasy
Kurzes_Haar says, "Very cute costume!"
For Maud R Ater from Original: Steampunk
camilliette says, "You look very lovely. :)"
For Maud R Ater from Original: Steampunk
Adnarim says, "Really cute design. I love the photos very dynamic."
For Prince Kyllie Gothic - Kadona from Original: Gothic Lolita / EGL / EGA