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I've been a cosplayer for many years, I started in 2003 as Ash Ketchum. Now I have made over 100+ costumes and have been to over 50+ conventions throughout the years.

I have a lot of masquerade judging experience and have won awards for both skits and craftsmanship. I now reside in the Master Craftsman category. I'm a very easy person to talk to and get along with. I also always love meeting any and all fellow cosplayers. :)

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I also sometimes have some of my older cosplay items for sale on etsy.

And I'd also like to thank EBK for sponsoring me and upgrading my account. Thank you!

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ako29652 says, "How big is the jacket?"
For Judy from Cowboy Bebop
Ambrosia says, "AHH you look perfect! I hope I get to see you in this someday! :D"
For Black Canary from DC Comics
MrRobot says, "Love your Super Mercury! Every bit as excellent as your other fukus and you make an outstanding Mercury regardless of which form."
For Super Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Super S
NyuNyu says, "OH HAY You're the other Asuka I saw at Katsu at the cockpit. Love your plugsuit! (especially that piping! xD)"
For Asuka Langley Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion
UsagiHime says, "So beautiful! "
For Mirana, The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland