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Welcome to my new Cosplay page! My name is Carol, and I've been cosplaying (And really havnt known it o_o) for 3 years now. }

My first costume was Nagi from Tenchi Universe. It wasn't my best, and it wasn't perfect or great, but it was alright ^_^.

My first 'main' costume was my custom Chii. I was doing a double cosplay with my best friend Ashley as Chii and Freya, and our first appearance was at A-kon 15. So many people loved our outfits and we got interviewed. It was pretty awesome! I'm glad everyone liked our costumes.

Right now it's summer vacation, and I just finished my sophomore year of high school. I don't have a job currently, but I do take commissions for artwork and such. You can visit my website on deviant art if you want. Another way I make money is by designing and reconstructing clothes. I also make some cosplay items for people (like gothic lolita hats or Chii ears; simple things like that) for people and sell them on ebay.

I'm not sure what I want to persue in doing for my future; I enjoy writing and poetry, drawing and animation, and clothing designing. Hopefully something interesting will pop up ^_^

Feel free to contact me, I'm always willing to talk ^_^

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