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I'm Alik.
I've been making cosplay costumes since 2002, when I went to my first convention. I perfer to cosplay characters that I love. So far I've only made a few costumes. I'm perfectionistic, so it takes me a long time to complete costumes, but when they're done I'm very proud of them.

I view costumes as clothing, something that a character wore as their clothing and battle armor, and create costumes with that in mind. Materials I pick must be nice to the touch, photograph properly(i.e. not change color/opacity under flash) and move/lay like the materials that the character wears. None of my costumes have flimsy parts. I believe that costumes should be made to last, and look as good up close as they do from stage or phographing distance.

I have big dreams for costumes...big dreams. Perhaps someday soon I'll have more new, amazing, finished costumes.

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shuichi77 says, "i looove this costume!!"
For Mytho from Princess Tutu