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Hi hi, *winks and blows kisses*
Mucho Thankies for checking out my page.
My name is Satalia,I've been cosplaying since 2000.
I have also been a cosplay judge in the past for such conventions as Ohayocon and Ikasucon. I am also currently the Head of Cosplay for Ikasucon, and the Green Room Head for Matsuricon.
I am the owner of the fantasy inspired store Lunar Wonderland http://www.facebook.com/LunarWonderland
I live with my husband Josh, who also sometimes cosplays with me.
I hope you like looking at my costumes as much as I loved making them.

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Terranell says, "I really love the way you edited this costume design to suit you, you look fabulous!"
For Baby Doll from Sucker Punch
tandy21 says, "wow alot of plushys there lol you look cool i never seen anyone cosplay her."
For Alielle from El Hazard
Satalia says, "thanx so much ^-^"
For Yukari / Caroline from Paradise Kiss
Miri says, "I know nothing of Paradise Kiss, but your dress is beautiful! Nice work! :D"
For Yukari / Caroline from Paradise Kiss
Terranell says, "=D I"
For Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI