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Grim chan aka Washuu chan (SAWRPG and WASABI DOJO OF ANYTHING GOES MARTIAL ARTS and WASABI ANIME CLUB) I'm a girl but most people online would would think i'm a guy(heheh):) I've been cosplaying since Anime Expo 1999. I love it FUU-chan from MAgic Nights was my first costume! Then came Ranma-chan, Washuu-chan(i famous for her people from 2 years ago come up and say hi to me like no time was past.) Diva Yuna(out of bazillions of yunas uggh never again. ZIDANE TRIBAL( I love this one anm still trying to perfect it)This year planning on Yuki sohma, makoto kino, and possibly Excel ! whoo. I might just have one if i don't have the funds but like i say i get pretty good results for under 50 to 100.00 ( so i can spend on manga :) See me develop as an artist in the alley with Kim-chan doing caricatures and fan art!!

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