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Once an in-active member now back from the dead! My name is Kristi, I'm from Rochester, and I had a cosplay funk back in 2004, but got back into it early two years ago (2005) and now I'm a dedicated cosplayer once more :D I'm more so cosplaying for fun now as opposed to last year for heavy competition -- I was in 4 skits last year alone, taking best in show at Tora-con with the group called "Belligerent Rochester Cosplayers" which stems from shenanigans at Katsucon XD Nowadays I cosplay with a few close friends - one from the BRC - but mainly on my own just for fun and games!

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Pi says, "You got the costume down pat!"
For Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII
Hot_Topic_punk says, "You are the cutest little Selphie I have EVER seen. I would like the honour to glomp you! ^^ may I?"
For Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII