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I fell in love with cosplay at AX2002 and my life hasnt been the same since! It has given me such great confidence and all that sappy stuff.
Other than cosplay, I love to watch anime like a nut. Anything by Takahashi is great my fave is Inuyasha. Im into writing fanfics, drawing (VERY little!) and cute bishies.

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Sarian says, "I wish to dress up as her for my next con, I just went to my very first one. Could you tell me where I could buy the outfit or someone to make it for me? I would love the help I can get, I'm new to cosplaying but watched anime etc for years! ^_^ ~Kathle"
For Kaguya from Inuyasha
Sakura_Efreet says, "That is sooo lovely! Good job!"
For Himeno from Pretear
kari_chan says, "Hi. I really like your costume. Did you make or buy cause I'd love to have one like yours"
For Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha